Quality: 100% Ibórico Bellota (top quality). Lomo, cured loin, Ibórico Pure Bellota from purebred, the highest quality in the Spanish charcuterie. Delicatessen from a careful selection of meat from Iberian pig of pure breed. It is perfect to accompany your tasting of Serrano Ham or Pata Negra Ham of good quality. With intense and sweet aroma, it is a true pleasure for the palate. 100% artisanal, 100% handmade. Weighing 1 Kg.

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Made in a traditional way, with an entirely artisan elaboration. Summum Guijuelo Pure Bellota, a real pleasure for the palate.

Vacuum packing, in a complete piece of 1 kg of weight, compliance with all quality standards in order to guarantee its excellent gastronomic characteristics.

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Lomo Bellota (cured loin), 50% from purebred. Excellent price-quality ratio. Entirely artisan elaboration. Weighing 1 Kg.

£38.45 inc VAT

Traditional Spanish Chorizo, traditional Bellota charcuterie very cured and marinated with spices. Weighing 500 gr. approx.

£19.25 inc VAT

Duroc Serrano Ham from Guijuelo, Gran Reserva with 24 months of drying time. Elaboration 100% traditional. 8.0 Kg - £19.50/kg.

£156.00 inc VAT
1.0 kg - £57.55/kg
Lomo (cured loin) Pure Bellota
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£57.55 inc VAT
Delivery: 3-4 working days (More Info).
Serrano Ham
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Certificate Spanish Serrano Ham
Fresh product. Direct from the producer.
"Spanish Market Price"

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