Quality: Cebo de Campo (medium quality) (more info). Iberian Pata Negra Ham from Guijuelo, cebo de campo, comes from Iberian pigs purebred that have grown in total freedom in the field and they have been nourished with herbs and pastures of the field in addition to animal feed, based on cereals and legumes. This Iberian Pata Negra Ham is an excellent option to purchase at an affordable price. Its taste is really good and it is a ham with a very good quality.

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Pigs have not eaten acorns (bellotas), this is the only difference from bellota hams.

The manufacturer of this Iberian Pata Negra Ham is the same as that of the other two bellota hams we sell in our store. Therefore, you ensure an excellent quality in choosing this type of ham.

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Boneless Iberian Pata Negra Ham from Guijuelo. Quality: Cebo de Campo (medium quality). 3.5 Kg - £60.30/kg.

£211.05 inc VAT

Sliced Iberian Pata Negra Ham from Guijuelo. Quality: Cebo de Campo (medium quality). 5 packs of 100 gr each. 0.5 Kg - £116.00/kg.

£58.00 inc VAT

Ham Holder model "Banco" made in wood and stainless steel. Including knife 33 cm.

£24.00 inc VAT
7.5 kg approx. - £31.90/kg. 30 months minimum of drying time.
Iberian Pata Negra Ham
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£239.25 inc VAT

Optional: £24.00 inc VAT, Ham Holder & Ham Carving Knife. High quality. Very robust.

Serrano Ham
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Certificate Spanish Serrano Ham
Fresh product. Direct from the producer.
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