Quality: Gran Reserva (more info). Duroc Serrano Ham from Guijuelo, Gran Reserva, with 24 months of drying time. Duroc Serrano Ham of the highest quality with a low salt content and with an aroma and flavor to the typical spanish ham of always. High quality protein with a good balance of fatty acids, being a product very digestive and healthy.

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The Duroc Serrano Ham is elaborated from the crosses of the LANDRACE and DUROC JERSEY breeds. Are only elaborated pieces that come from female animals and male animals castrated, acquiring in this way the best quality for the final product.

This Duroc Serrano Ham is made from 100% traditional and natural methods. 100% handmade.

Guijuelo - Salamanca - Sapin, at an altitude above 2600 ft.

Gluten free

Gift: Spanish Salchichón (Salami) Bellota or Spanish Chorizo Bellota, piece of 1.0 Kg. approx. vacuum packaging. IMPORTANT: If you prefer Chorizo you can send us an email indicating the change from Salchichón (Salami) to Chorizo.

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Boneless Duroc Serrano Ham from Guijuelo, Gran Reserva, elaboration 100% traditional with 24 months of drying time. 4.0 Kg - £30.25/kg.

£121.02 inc VAT

Thin slices, cut by hand, in 5 packs of 100 gr (5 x 100 gr each) of our Duroc Serrano Ham Gran Reserva 24 Months.

£43.75 inc VAT

Ham Holder model "Banco" made in wood and stainless steel. Including knife 33 cm.

£24.00 inc VAT
8.0 kg approx. - £19.50/kg. 24 months minimum of drying time.
Duroc Serrano Ham
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£156.00 inc VAT

Optional: £24.00 inc VAT, Ham Holder & Ham Carving Knife. High quality. Very robust.

Serrano Ham
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Certificate Spanish Serrano Ham
Fresh product. Direct from the producer.
"Spanish Market Price"

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