Boneless Spanish Serrano Ham

We offer to our customers and professionals in the hostelry and catering a practical Boneless Serrano Ham, vacuum-packed to retain all its properties, characteristic aroma and taste.

We package the whole leg vacuum-packed following this steps: first the bone is removed and is then cleaned, the outer rind and fat that it is not necessary to preserve intact all its flavor is removed. The final result is a piece, 100% edible, which is immediately vacuum packed and stored in a chamber at a controlled temperature.

Boneless Spanish Serrano Ham has some advantages: it is easy and practical to slice because you don't have any bone or external fat (that can cause a bitter taste) bothering while you cut, because it has been removed. It is more profitable than a whole ham since the entire part is edible.

It can be stored in a small space in our refrigerator. Before their consumption should be left at room temperature about 20 minutes to recover its ideal temperature for consumption.

It is an ideal and practical format, as sliced too, to send to family and friends Serrano Ham in any country. The bone has been retired, the meat has been cured and has been vacuum-packed so it avoids problems in customs controls.

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Boneless Serrano Ham - Products:
Boneless Jabugo Serrano Ham
£112.02 inc VAT

Boneless Jabugo Serrano Ham Special Selection with 15 months of drying time, Gran Reserva. 100% Jabugo artisanal. 5.0 Kg - £22.40/kg.

Boneless Serrano Ham Black Label
£113.85 inc VAT

Boneless Serrano Ham Black Label, gourmet ham, Gran Reserva with 20 months of drying time. Special for families. 4.5 Kg - £25.30/kg.

Boneless Duroc Serrano Ham
£121.02 inc VAT

Boneless Duroc Serrano Ham from Guijuelo, Gran Reserva, elaboration 100% traditional with 24 months of drying time. 4.0 Kg - £30.25/kg.

Boneless Teruel Serrano Ham
£126.00 inc VAT

Boneless Teruel DO Serrano Ham Gran Reserva Delicatessen. Elaboration 100% artisanal. The highest quality on serrano ham from Teruel DO. 4.5 Kg - £28.00/kg.

Boneless Trevelez Serrano Ham
£136.50 inc VAT

Boneless Trevelez DO Black Label 24 Months Serrano Ham Delicatessen Gran Reserva, the highest quality. 100% artisanal with 24 months of drying time. 5.0 Kg - £27.30/kg.

Serrano Ham
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