Price of Spanish Serrano Ham for 2024

The price of Serrano ham has increased in recent years. The main causes of this increase are:

1.- The increase in cereal prices which led to an increase in production costs.

2.- The drop in consumption, motivated by the crisis, which has resulted in a decline of the slaughtered animals.

The sales decline, the cost increase, the generalized crisis and the absence of credit has led to the disappearance of many pig farms.

Serrano ham price

* IMPORTANT: Serrano Ham Price, indicative for 2024, for a ham about 8kg weight. The price can vary in function of the belonging to an Designations of Origin (Teruel and Trévelez), given that the product quality is higher.

** IMPORTANT: The price of Iberico Pata Negra Ham is not considered here. This price estimate is only for Serrano Ham.


The current shortage of pigs causes a sharp increase in the price of Serrano Ham, especially those of high-quality hams who belong to one of two Designations of Origin of Serrano Ham (Teruel and Trévelez).

The situation, at the moment, is not in the process of regularization, because although the cereals have begun a decline in prices, most of livestock farms that have closed their businesses are not currently able to cope with the large investments that are needed to launch new production.

All these factors have caused a strong demand for pork and a shortage of their derivative products, due to the law of offer and demand leads to a general increase in the price of serrano ham.

But this price increase is not alarming, given that the different products have not yet managed to reach the prices which were in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010, when the price reached its historic maximum due to strong demand for internal consumption, own a time of financial bubble.

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