Conservation of Spanish Serrano Ham

The best way to keep a whole leg of Spanish Serrano Ham is to store it in a dry place with sufficient ventilation, a stable temperature (not in the refrigerator), away from extreme heat or cold, and preferably hung or placed on a ham holder.

When cutting a ham the meat is exposed to environmental action. Because of this, oxidation makes the cutting surface darkens, fat take a yellowish color, and this can cause an unpleasant taste and odor.

For this reason it is essential to protect the surfacee by placing a slice of fat or rind (from previous cuts) or covering the ham with a clean kitchen cloth for superficial fat stays fresh and does not dry out.

It is advisable to slice the amount of Serrano Ham we think that we are going to consume. In the case of remaining, it must be wrapped in transparent paper to avoid contact with air.


If we want to keep the Boneless Serrano Ham we should save it in a bag, vacuum packed. As it is being consumed should be stored in the warmest part of the refrigerator, and if possible cover with a dry cotton cloth.

Essential aspects to consider in conservation of Spanish Serrano Ham.

1.- To keep the ham longer and properly, there is an enemy to be avoided at all costs, humidity. Humidity is guilty of the piece of ham is filled with a layer of white mold will force us to have to discard a portion of it each time you start a new cut.

2.- To prevent humidity, locate the piece of ham in a place in the kitchen or home as dry as possible. Leave it near areas such as dishwashers, radiators, refrigerators or other appliances that temperature change is not a good idea, because the piece will be more likely to get wet quickly, resulting mold.

3.- Some people prefer to cover the piece of ham with foil or plastic wrap. Although these alternatives effectively isolate the Serrano Ham from insects and humidity, they could alter the taste because they do not allow the piece to oxygenate properly, so it is not advisable to opt for these techniques.

4.- To properly preserve a ham is much easier in winter than in summer as warmer temperatures dry out the ham and flies and insects damage it more easily. For this reason in summer you should pay special attention to the conservation.

5.- Once started the piece, the time in which it is perfectly maintained, retaining all its properties depend on its conservation and the speed with which the meat dries. A quick drying will make the cut more complicated and diminish the quality of the Serrano Ham

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