Accessories for Spanish Serrano Ham

Find here all kinds of accessories for the Spanish Serrano Ham, for its best conservation and for its best tasting. Knives, Ham Holder and Cutting Board in order to cut the Serrano Ham adequately and comfortable.

Products of the most prestigious brands in Spain. All accessories are manufactured with high quality materials to ensure durability. Several designs, from the traditional design to the most avant-garde design.

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Accessories Serrano Ham - Products:
Cloth to cover the ham
£0.80 inc VAT

Suitable cloth to cover Serrano Ham or Pata Negra Ham. Valid for hams and shoulders with bone.

Knife for Serrano Ham
£16.95 inc VAT

Professional knife for cutting Serrano and Pata Negra Ham, classic model, with a flexible blade of 24 cms.

Cheap Wood Ham Holder
£24.00 inc VAT

Ham Holder model "Banco" made in wood and stainless steel. Including knife 33 cm.

Ham Holder Horizontal Cut
£68.60 inc VAT

Rioja model Ham Holder for horizontal cut. Very sturdy and easy to use.

Ham Holder Vertical Cut
£88.70 inc VAT

Pata Negra model Ham Holder for vertical cut. Very robust and easy to use.

Polythene Folding Ham Holder
£113.50 inc VAT

Folding ham holder made of polythene and stainless steel. Color black. Complies with the health standards for food handling.

Folding Rotary Ham Holder
£289.00 inc VAT

Folding and Rotary Ham Holder made of polyethylene and stainless steel. Black color. Adjustable in height. Valid for hams and shoulders with bone.

Serrano Ham
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